Imber Range Perimeter Path

Total distance covered; 35 miles (55kms)
3 days walking based in Warminster

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Warminster, our base for the Imber Range Perimeter Path, has a long history. There were substantial settlements in the area during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, and two Roman villas have been discovered. During the anglo-Saxon period Warminster was a  royal manor, and the original minster church dates from the 10th century (the current building dates from the 14th century). During medieval times Warminster prospered on the back of the wool and malting trades, and a market was established in the 13th century.

Between the 17th century and mid-19th century Warminster had the second largest corn market in the west of England and some fifty plus inns and alehouses to service the influx of visitors to the market. In 1851 the railway line to Westbury was opened, and then extended to Salisbury, but this had a devastating effect on the market, which fell away almost to nothing, the shops and inns lost most of their business, and the local industries declined.


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In 1937 the Ministry of Defence began to use Salisbury Plain as one of their main training areas and a significant military presence formed in the town, with the addition of camps, a permanent Barracks at Battlesbury, married quarters, a School of Infantry, and workshops for vehicle repairs. In 1966 Longleat Safari Park opened on the outskirts of the town.

Warminster and the surrounding villages have a number of hotels, restaurants and pubs offering meals in the evening. It also has a number of shops where one can purchase the makings of a packed lunch.

The daily meeting point in Warminster is outside the Warminster Community Hub Information Centre.

Accommodation; There is a variety of accommodation available in Warminster and the surrounding area, and details can be found on the following websites:

How to reach Warminster by public transport; Warminster has a mainline railway station located on the Cardiff to Portsmouth line.

General information on the area can be found on the following websites:

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Holiday Options 2022

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Date:Jun 17 - Jun 19, 2022
Grade:2 - 3
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Daily Itinerary 

Day 1: Bratton to Heytesbury 11 miles (17kms)
Day 2: Heytesbury to Tilshead 10 miles 16kms)
Day 3: Tilshead to Bratton 14 miles (22kms)



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