Wye Valley Walk

The Wye Valley Walk is a 136 mile (218kms) walk which follow the full length of the River Wye as it passes through a beautiful and varied landscape from its source on the slopes of Plynlimon in mid-Wales to its confluence with the River Severn at Chepstow. The river Wye, which passes through both England and Wales is designated as a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) throughout its entire length, and the southern-most 60 miles (97kms) it is also designated as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). 

We shall be completing the Wye Valley walk in two sections, the first northern section in mid-summer when Plynlimon is likely to be relatively dry underfoot, and the heather will be coming into bloom, and the southern section in autumn when the leaves are turning in the Forest of Dean.


iStock-163930303, Wye Valley Autumn 2


Even if you have no wish to complete the whole route then either section is a great walk in its own right.


Wye Valley Walk, North (Plynlimon to Hay-on-Wye)

Total distance covered; 63 miles (100kms)
5 days walking, based at Rhayader

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The 63 mile (100km) northern section of the Wye Valley Walk starts on the remote upper slopes of Plynlimon. The landscape is wild and the the river trickles between gravelly pools as it descends through the rough grass, widening into a recognisable river as it passes the foot of Y Drum. The route descends through coniferous woodland into the valley bottom and a stage end in the lush pastures around the village of Langurig with its charming village green and welcoming inn.


iStock-174474598, Source of the Wye


Between Llangurig and Llanstephan the route takes a meandering line, sometimes traversing the open hilltops where sheep graze, and sometimes dropping into the valley bottom where cattle enjoy the lush pasture. The route visits the handsome market towns of Rhayader, our base for this northern section of the Wye Valley Walk, and Builth Wells, home to the Royal Welsh Show. Wonderful views are all around. A final stage through the broad valley bottom leads to the border town of Hay-on-Wye. 


iStock-866955594River Wye near Builth Wells


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Wye Valley Walk, South (Hay-on-Wye to Chepstow)

Total distance covered; 75 miles (122kms)
6 days walking, based at Ross-on-Wye

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The 75 mile (122km) southern section of the Wye Valley Walk sets out from the border town of Hay-on-Wye and immediately crosses into England and the country of Herefordshire where it follows the meandering river through a broad valley dotted with broad-leafed woodland, cattle pasture, orchards, vineyards and picturesque villages to reach the city of Hereford, where the beautiful cathedral stands above the river. The handsome riverside town of Ross-on-Wye, is our base for this southern section of the walk.


Hereford Cathedral (Heather)


Beyond Ross the route becomes increasingly wooded and the valley increasingly narrow, with steep slopes rising from either bank. Symond's Yat Rock towers above the river. The valley widens again towards Monmouth, then narrows again by Whitebrook, Bigsweir and Brockweir. The graceful ruins of Tintern Abbey stand in a meadow beside a sharp bend in the river, backed by a wooded hillside. Beyond the abbey the route climbs high above the river, before descending through woods to Chepstow Castle and the end of the walk.


Tintern Abbey foundations (Heather)


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Holiday Options 2021

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Date:Jul 11 - Jul 15, 2021
Grade:3 - 2
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Daily Itinerary 

Day 1: Plynlimon to Llangurig 12 miles (19kms)
Day 2: Llangurig to Rhayader 12 miles (19kms)
Day 3: Rhayader to Builth Wells 15 miles (24kms)
Day 4: Builth Wells to Llanstephen 12 miles (19kms)
Day 5: Llanstephen to Hay-on-Wye 12 miles (19kms)


Holiday Options 2021

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Date:Oct 10 - Oct 15, 2021
Grade:3 - 2
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Daily Itinerary 

Day 1: Hay-on-Wye to Byford 14 miles (23kms)
Day 2: Byford to Mordiford 14 miles (23kms)
Day 3: Mordiford to Ross-on-Wye 13 miles (21kms)
Day 4: Ross-on-Wye to Symonds Yat 11 miles (18kms)
Day 5: Symonds Yat to Whitebrook 10 miles (16kms)
Day 6: Whitebrook to Chepstow 13 miles (21kms)



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