Single Centre Guided Holidays


Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the groups, and who are my fellow guests likely to be?

Our groups are small in size, the maximum number of guests is usually around sixteen, plus the leader. The groups generally consist of a mix of new clients and ‘regulars’ from the United Kingdom and worldwide. This provides the already informal atmosphere with an interesting variety of cultures and viewpoints, which we feel adds greatly to the experience for all concerned. We are very proud that 80% of our guests return to join further holidays. Several people have now exceeded fifty tours!

We feel that our tours are equally well suited for married couples, friends travelling together or single guests. It would be most unusual for someone to find themselves as the only ‘single’ on a tour.

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"Just a note to say how lovely the Dorset holiday was.  It was a really fun group and of course it
was wonderful to spend time with leader Frank again.  The countryside and coast were just spectacular.  A great holiday, one of the best, so thanks a bunch."

Jan S, NC, USA

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