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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy or tough are the walks (hikes)?

As long as you are reasonably fit you should be able to cope with most of the holidays featured in our programme of single centre guided walking tours. The majority of the walks are in the range 8-12 miles (13-19 km), depending upon the activity level of the tour.

To try and provide a realistic indication of activity level each tour is given a grade which reflects distances covered, underfoot conditions and gradients encountered. For details of our grading system click here. Please read this section carefully.

The walking is generally at a relaxed pace, which enables our guests to take time to enjoy places of interest, picturesque villages, spectacular views, lunch stops, etc..

On the six and seven night guided tours there is a free day (generally Wednesday), which allows you to take a rest or pursue your own activities.

If you have any misgivings or doubts as to whether a particular tour is right for you, we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Our priority is for you to gain maximum enjoyment from your walking holiday, in safety. All of our leaders are experienced walkers and competent navigators and they may, from time to time, find it necessary to alter a route or part of the programme to allow for conditions. Such changes may be made in the interests of an individual, or the safety of the group as a whole. We ask that our guests respect the judgement of the tour leader, act prudently at all times, and follow the Country Code.

It is not necessary to be an experienced walker to enjoy a walking holiday but you will need waterproof clothing (raingear), a small pack and walking boots (click here for a list of suggested equipment).

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"I can hardly find the words to express my enthusiasm about my holiday; was an experience I only dreamed of. The group was wonderful. We all enjoyed it very much and there was a very pleasant atmosphere. The hotel was really excellent and we had a very skilled and nice guide and wonderful weather. In a word, an holiday for connoisseurs.!" 

Agnes K, Netherlands

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