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How easy or tough are the walks (hikes)?

All of our Self-guided Paths and Trails are based upon named National Trails or Long Distance Paths, so they follow a fixed route.

To try and provide a realistic indication of activity level all the tours are graded with regard to the terrain encountered along the route and daily mileages are indicated alongside each tour description. For details of our terrain grading system click here. Please read this section carefully. If you have any misgivings or doubts as to whether a particular tour is right for you we will be more than happy to discuss it with you, and then tailor the daily distances to your specific requirements if necessary.

Unless a remote location, or lack of availability of suitable accommodation at the end of a walk stage, makes it necessary for us to either book you into one guesthouse or inn for more than one night, or to book you into accommodation which is more than 1 kilometre off-route (in which case transport to transfer you between the walking route and your accommodation will be provided), you will be walking from/to the door each day. This means that - within reason - you can decide what time you set off in the morning, what time you reach your accommodation at the end of the day, how fast you walk and how many rest, refreshment and photo stops you make.

If you wish, you can add in a rest day part way through the tour. On each destination page you will find the cost of an extra night's accommodation.

It is not necessary to be an experienced walker to enjoy a walking holiday but you will need waterproof clothing (raingear), a small pack and walking boots (click here for a list of suggested equipment).

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“Thank you so much for making the excellent arrangements for our walk in Cornwall. Everything worked wonderfully and, in particular, you pitched the daily distances just right. We are very much looking forward to walking another section of the Coast Path next summer.”

Rachel K, Southport, UK

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