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What happens if it rains or blows a gale?

Because all of our Self-guided Paths and Trails are based upon a continuous named long distance route, we recommend that you walk as planned unless the conditions are such that to continue could be dangerous. Walking in the rain can be quite good fun!

Bringing a good set of waterproof jacket and trousers (rain gear), and suitable walking boots, will add to both your safety and your enjoyment of any tour if the weather does turn out to be inclement. Click here for a list of suggested equipment.

If you do decide that you would prefer not to walk on a particular day you will need to let us know so that we can either arrange for you to be transported to the next guesthouse or inn with your luggage, or by another transport operator. This may incur an additional charge.

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"Now that we have been home for a week I must take time out from looked through our many (hundreds!) of pictures to let you know how much we loved our hike along Hadrian’s Wall. The hills were a little steeper than we had imagined, but the views from the tops were spectacular! We appreciated all your accommodation choices, but Queensgate House in Hexham stands head and shoulders above anywhere else we stayed during our time in England."

George K, MA, USA

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