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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find suitable accommodation?

 We select the base for each tour to provide ease of access, a variety of accommodation, availability of food shops, inns, restaurants, etc.. Against each individual tour description you will find further information about the town or village where the tour is based including links to websites detailing accommodation in the area, contact information for the relevant Tourist Information Centre (some of which offer an accommodation booking service), and local websites with more general information about the area.

Against each tour description we have detailed the daily meeting point. You should check that the accommodation you choose is either within walking distance of this meeting point, or within reasonable driving distance if you have a car.

Although guests are expected to find their own accommodation, we are always happy to provide advice if needed.

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If you are unsure of the location of a particular B&B or guesthouse paste the postcode from the postal address into the search field on the following web page and the yellow arrow will indicate the approximate location.


Use the adjuster below the map to change the scale so that you can either see the bigger picture or study the close detail and the street names.

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