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What happens if it rains or blows a gale?

Because all of our Daypack Hikes are based upon a continuous named long distance route, unless the conditions are such that to do otherwise would be dangerous the programme will continue as planned. The leader will make this judgment, based upon the forecast, and his or her knowledge of the route, and will not make changes unless he or she deems it to be absolutely necessary. The safely of the group will be his or her number one consideration.

Bringing a good set of waterproof jacket and trousers (rain gear), and suitable walking boots, will add to both your safety and your enjoyment of any tour if the weather does turn out to be inclement.

If you do decide that you would prefer not to walk on a particular day the choice is yours, and the leader will not be offended. Because these are single centre tours it never causes a logistical problem if you decide not to walk, but the leader does need to be advised, otherwise the group will be waiting for you at the meeting point.

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"Now that I have just about dried out (only kidding) I thought I would drop you a line to let you know I had such a great time up in Scotland, despite the worst weather for 30 years. With your holidays I find that there three key elements; the walk, the group, and my bed and breakfast accommodation. The walks are always great, the groups always produce new and interesting walking chums, and my B&Bs are nearly always just the way I like them. I feel i've lived a fortnight in a week. It's brilliant! "

Ann B, Manchester, UK

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