Coast to Coast

The route which crosses the north of England from Coast to Coast was made famous by the late Alfred Wainwright whose guidebooks have introduced so many to the joys of walking in this area. It takes in three National Parks; the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors and divides naturally into three sections. Footpath Holidays offers three tours, each of which offer fine walking in their own right, and when strung together enable our guests to tackle a challenging 190 mile (306km) route in its entirety.


Coast to Coast, West (St Bee’s to Orton)

Total distance covered; 72 miles (117kms)
6 days walking, based in Keswick

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The cliffs of St Bees Head provide the start point for the walk and the mountains and meres of lakeland the objectives. Ennerdale Water, Honister Pass, Borrowdale, Grasmere, Patterdale - famous names abound. The route traverses the region, sometimes through valleys, sometimes over the high tops, to finish at Orton where the Lakeland Fells are left behind to be replaced by the limestone country leading into the Yorkshire Dales. 

   The ridge of St Sunday Crag on a bright sunny day


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Coast to Coast, Central (Orton to Ingleby Cross)

Total distance covered; 70 miles (113kms)
6 days walking, based in Richmond

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The variety of scenery offered by the Yorkshire Dales makes this a fascinating holiday. The village of Orton, in Cumbria’s limestone country, provides the start point and the walk takes in Ravenstonedale, Whitsundale, Swaledale, Melbeck Moor and the pastoral Vale of Mowbray. Abandoned lead mines, the towns of Kirkby Stephen, Reeth and Richmond, limestone dales, waterfalls and grouse moors all feature on the walk. The route terminates at Ingleby Cross where the Yorkshire Moors rise from the plain and stretch eastwards to the sea.


View along Swaledale from the ruins of Crackpot Hall 


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Coast to Coast, East (Ingleby Cross to Robin's Hood Bay)

Total distance covered; 51 miles (82kms)
4 days walking, based in Whitby

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History abounds on the North Yorkshire Moors and they have a mystical quality. The paths we follow are ancient trade and corpse routes and stone crosses mark the way. The views from the high ground are extensive. On the final day of the walk we reach the sea and follow the clifftop path southwards to Robin Hood’s Bay where the narrow streets plunge toward the harbour and the tiny red roofed cottages huddle for safety from the North Sea.

  Waterfront at Robin Hood's Bay, with fishermens' cottages lining the steep cobbled street


What's included in the price of this holiday?

C2C map 

Holiday Options

Date:Sep 3 - Sep 8, 2017
Grade:3 - 4
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Day 1: St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge 15 miles (24kms)
Day 2: Ennerdale Bridge to Honister 11 miles (18kms)
Day 3: Honister to Grasmere 12 miles (19kms)
Day 4: Grasmere to Patterdale 9 miles (15kms). Please note, we shall be using either the direct route via Grisedale or St. Sunday Crag and not descending Striding Edge.
Day 5: Patterdale to Burnbanks 14 miles (23kms)
Day 6: Burnbanks to Orton 11 miles (18kms)



Holiday Options

Date:Sep 10 - Sep 15, 2017
Grade:3 - 2
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Day 1: Orton to Kirkby Stephen 12 miles (19kms)
Day 2: Kirkby Stephen to Keld 13 miles (21kms)
Day 3: Keld to Reeth 11 miles (18kms)
Day 4: Reeth to Richmond 11 miles (18kms)
Day 5: Richmond to Streetlam 12 miles (19kms)
Day 6: Streetlam to Ingleby Cross 11 miles (18kms)



Holiday Options

Date:Sep 17 - Sep 20, 2017
Grade:3 - 2
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Day 1: Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top 12 miles (19kms)
Day 2: Clay Bank Top to Young Ralph Cross 11 miles (18kms)
Day 3: Young Ralph Cross to Grosmont 12 miles (19kms)
Day 4: Grosmont to Robin Hoods Bay 16 miles (26kms)




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